Gonzo’s quest slot was established in 2011, this is a form of video slot game which can be played online using a mobile phone or a computer. It is available in two modes gonzo’s free mode and the playing the game with the aim of gambling.Gonzo’s quest is the leading casino supplier online, it is actually the first game to be established at NetEnt globally. It is normally the best software game available for those who have the love for casinos and other online free or gambling games.

In this game, Gonzo is actually is the main character or player as even the name depicts. Actually, the Gonzo is the one who will make you win at the same gives you entertainment from what he does. He is made to go at Peruvian coast to steal the treasure map which he is intending to use it to get directions to Eldorado which the city rich in gold. This game is kind of based on reality the gonzo character and whole his features are like of the Gonzalo Pizarro who existed in the ancient times. He was a brother to the most popular Francisco who conquered the Inca Empire.


In the introduction to this game, there are 3D graphs and there is also the pastel palette. When you are to start plating you are required to start with the 3D animation video which is short, there the stings will get to be described. Now going to the reels you will have to see seven symbols which are completely different. The symbols include bird, fire, heath, alligator, fish, snake and the moon. Question mark there is meant to represent the wildcard symbol.

Now in this game, you do not need to spin any reel you will make the gonzo to fall in the reels. When you win the winning there a line which appears to show that you have won and you will get paid if you were playing gambling mode but if you were at the gonzo free then you will be given a bonus and many times of trying.


With the gonzo’s quest slot you can get as much as possible promotions once you are set to play this game be it gonzo’s free or gonzo’s gambling. The following are the major promotions you are likely to get when you play this online casino and fun game:

  • There are free spins which are offered always on a most regular basis when you are playing the game before anything has happened.
  • When you are new to this game or you are it for the first time there is the mega free reel as your welcome offer. This one depends on the deposits you make on the game.
  • Being given the mega reel chance you are exposed to thousands of prizes, with this reel you are capable of winning many prizes offered at the game. You can even be made to play the game for free or make a very small deposit than the normal one.
  • There is another promotion where you get a bonus of 8 euros in every ten spins credited for free.

The gonzo’s quest slot is a game that brings you fun and entertainment at the same time make you a winner of money and other spinning turns if you are the gonzo’s free. It is an online game thus does not waste much of your time.

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