Good news everyone! I’ve been cast in a feature-length film called Must Come Down directed by Kenny Riches. Cool stuff about this project:
a.) I’m one of the main characters (:O)
b.) It’s a real good script (:O :O)
c.) It’s produced by Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous, Saved! :O :O :O)
Watch the video below and then hit the jump for more details!
If you donated/plan to donate, please let me know what name you donated under!
(I apologize that I am awkward when I’m not talking about dicks and pussies)

The video refers to the donation feature on our Must Come Down Kickstarter page. If you click on that link, you can see more videos (Like this one where I beat up Patrick Fugit), learn more about the film, and donate some sweet moola. $10,000 might seem like a large number, but if 1,000 people each gave 10 bucks we’d already be there. If the incentives on the Kickstarer page don’t appeal to you, I’ve made a list of my own:

  • $10 and up – I’ll take a picture of myself holding a paper with a special message just for you
  • $25 and up – I’ll take a picture of my dad holding a paper with a special message just for you, I will send you a candy bar signed by dad.
  • $50 and up – Dad and I will take a picture together with a special message just for you. I will make dad wear a funny hat. You can also have something from Anthony’s room that he left after he moved to Texas.

Anything more than that and you can get a combo of pictures, and also I would be willing to part with my “would you kindry” hat and/or my Professor Layton hat. That’s how serious I am about this movie.
If you plan on donating to this project, you’re fucking awesome, and if not, thanks at least for watching!