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Red Wedding: The Party Game


I had a stupid idea for a “party game”, but:

  • I hate parties and all my friends generally do, too, so I can’t ever really playtest it
  • The pieces it requires are so weird, it’d make for a really dumb physical package to buy
  • The idea is so stupid, simple and derivative I’d probably never charge money for it anyway

So I’m just going to post the design here and if any of you feel like trying this out with your friends or something, just lemme know.

It’s basically an attempt to just sliiiiiightly game-ify a normal house party so that there’s something silly and quirky to do midway through the night.

In this case, that silly and quirky thing is pulling out a plastic knife and stabbing someone.

SPOILERS for the Game of Thrones TV show follow, obviously. If you don’t know what “red wedding” refers to, don’t bother reading.

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HAWPcast: A Game of Nets and Runners


In this episode of the HAWPcast, we talk about HUGE GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS. Do NOT listen unless you’re caught up with the show, at least up to the episode entitled “The Viper and The Mountain.”

We also talk about Netrunner and the Terminal7 podcast, which is really good.

Why I Like Sir, You Are Being Hunted

A while ago, I said I liked Mark of the Ninja because of how it gave the player complete information. Because the player knows exactly where the guards’ vision cones end and how effective their items will be, the player is empowered to make an execute complicated plans with very little fuss. Mark of the Ninja is about precision. It’s about doing supercool ninja-esque things like jumping into the air, throwing darts at two lightbulbs to bathe a room in darkness, landing directly behind a guard as he looks up in confusion at the light you just shattered, and stabbing that guard in the throat. Precision. Planning. Perfection.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted sits on the opposite end of the stealth spectrum. And it’s really damn good.

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HAWPcast: Board Games and Stuff, Featuring the Board With Life Crew


In this week’s episode, we talk to the creators of Board With Life about board games and how they’re better than videogames in a lot of ways.

This episode also doesn’t sound like complete ass, because we recorded a big chunk of it at the Okratron5000 recording studio. Yaaay

HAWPcast: DayZ and Her

In this podcast, we discuss DayZ, the movie Her, and make literally zero mention of feminism. Grant, Justin, Ulisses, Ash, Aaron Linde, and I are all involved.

Hope you like it.

Gorilla Wayfare, a HAWP + Freddie Wong collaboration

We made this with Freddie Wong and Nintendo.

Hope you dig it.

Why I Like Nidhogg

Nidhogg is one of the best PvP games ever. I’d say it’s one of the best local multiplayer games ever made (a la Samurai Gunn and Towerfall), but it’s actually got online multiplayer.

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Explanations vs Answers

Today, I said this:


And then Tom Francis asked this:


And now I’m writing a blog post to — ha ha — explain.

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HAWPcast: Sentinels of Arizona’s Multiverse

In this week’s episode, Grant, Uli, Ash and Anthony talk about nostalgia, cooperative card games like Sentinels of the Multiverse and Pathfinder, and being condescending.

How to play Grantlunky

This Christmas, I commissioned the incredible Bill Mudron to make a Spelunky sprite for my friend Grant Cushman.

He seemed to like it, and I know some people on the HAWP stream really like Grant, so I figured I’d post the sprite sheet and instructions for making Grant a playable character in Spelunky.

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