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We take contract work!

So, if you guys saw our latest HAWP, you’re probably clued into the fact that we’re now doing contract work. If you’re interested, submit one of these form doohickies and we will rap.

RE: Our Anita Sarkeesian podcast

Below the jump: an apology for condescension, some further explanation, and a request for elaboration:

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Tomb Raider

Ash busts the myth that personality is what makes a well-rounded female character.

Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’: Tomb Raider

This week’s HAWP is about Tomb Raider and features Tamara Bruketta, who you may know from Late Night with Tamara and Justin on our twitch stream where we are at all day everyday if you ever wanna hang out with us.

MCD only available for three more days at current price!

It’s true! If you haven’t bought a copy of Must Come Down yet and you want to, follow the instructions in this video. Here’s the link to the website:


Keepin’ it Real With: Jimmy Hinson

Jimmy Hinson composed music for Mass Effect 2Puzzlejuice, and a bunch of other stuff.

We kept it real with him.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Activision CEO, Ashly Kotick, isn’t satisfied unless Black Ops II drops some Shock and Awe on the industry.

Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

There are far too many colons in my title for this post. IN ANY CASE. This is sort of a break from vanilla HAWP into crazytown. I think it’s a lot of fun though and I laughed quite a bit. Which I get to say because I didn’t write it. Or edit it.

Keepin’ it Real With: Matthew Mercer

In this episode, we talk with Matthew Mercer, voice of Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 6 as well as a bunch of other cool shit.


Arkham’s criminals don’t stand a chance against the world’s greatest detective, Ashly Burch.