Nektan Casinos: The Best in Online Mobile Gaming Casinos

Nektan is a mobile game and online casino software provider founded by Gary Shaw in 2013 that has gone on to become one of the leading companies in the space. The company is a specialized company that is very niche focused in that it only develops online casino games that are compatible with tablet computers and smartphones rather than the general casino games. What makes the company stand out from its competition is that it produces top quality mobile games for its customers who include the likes of Government Lotteries and Commercial Operators. Seeking to make its games more user-friendly, Nektan software bridges the gap between Online Mobile Gambling and Social Gaming.

Products and Services

Some of the services and product lines of Nektan casinos include:

  1. Evolve platform
  2. Skill Games Software
  3. Mobile Gaming and Mobile Casinos
  4. Lottery Software
  5. Casino Software


While most of its focus is on mobile most of the software and games developed by Nektan can be played across a wide range of devices including iTV, Betting Terminals, Mobile, Tablets, and PC among many others. The games can also be played on other online platforms that include Social Networks, single stand-alone websites and platforms and even as customized White Label Solution. This means all Nektan casino sites out there (a comprehensive listing of them can be found on FYI) offer a mobile gaming experience through your portable devices.

The Mobile Platform

Given that Nektan casinos decided to differentiate itself as a company that focuses on games that you can play on the go, its mobile platform is its best-selling point. All of its games are flash based and are fully compatible with Android and iOS devices and give some of the best gaming experience that a player could ever want. The games are made such that they are entertaining and playable on some of the tiniest smartphone screens without leaving out anything a player needs to have a good time playing. Moreover, the hardware requirements are quite modest and a player could play the full list of Nektan casinos games without any trouble on older phone models.

Flash Based Games

To enhance the user experience, most games offered on Nektan casino sites are flash based and hence you do not need to download anything to start playing. Among their games are Bingo, roulette, blackjack and a variety of slot games. The fact that you do not need to download anything and can start playing the game immediately has been quite the game changer for the company. Many players hate to download stuff in order to start and a significant number will give up if they have to do that. While the company has just a little over 200 games with the majority of them slot games, the company prioritizes quality over quantity, which explains the high popularity of their games.

Popular Slots on Nektan Sites

Nektan has more than 200 video slots based on interesting themes such as travel, pirates, sports, and heroes that all come with easy to use interfaces and unique designs. The slots also stand out for their impressive graphics and a wide range of bets. Nonetheless, the bonus rounds are relatively few with most slot coming with one round of free spins.

The following are the best Nektan slots you could play:

  1. Trolls Tale – A fairy tale character themed slot game. You get twenty pay lines, five reels and 3 special symbols. You can also get a themed bonus round and a round of free spins.
  2. Heroic – This video slot features 20 pay lines and five reels. The dragon-themed slot has the Wild Symbol, which provides a round of free spins when triggered.
  3. Meow Money – A kitten themed slot game with 25 pay lines and five reels. This game also features Scatter and Wild Symbols and also provides a round of free spins.
  4. Cave Raiders – The Indiana Jones video slot comes with twenty-five pay lines and five reels. The game also features a round of free spins and the Scatter and Wild Symbols.
  5. Mayan Marvels – A slot game themed on the Ancient Mayan civilization that features 15 pay lines and 5 reels. The game features a round of free of free spins as a bonus in addition to the Wild Symbol.


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