Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin: Ico


Ash wrote this one entirely on her own, which is why it’s so ra ra feminism ra. I hassled her to play Ico for about a month, and once she did she found herself infuriated at the game. As much as I loved the game the first time I played it several years ago, I find it difficult to argue with her now.

That said, Shadow of the Colossus is still tits.

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25 Responses to “Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin: Ico”

  1. Rawkeye says:

    This one was awesome. Two points:

    1. There were tons of creepy comments on the submission for this on Reddit about looking up Ash’s skirt while she said ‘YOU’RE KILLING FEMINISM’

    2. You dudes are taking a while to give us a heads up on here about new HAWPs. There’s a recent one that you didn’t even make an update about here.

    3. I love you.

    • Burgz says:

      @ Rawkeye’s No 1. -

      What skirt shot? I was too busy looking up Papa Burch’s shorts. It was hawt. I’m gonna go take a shower now. Hawt shower. Hawt. Shower.

    • BPShirase says:

      From the beginning of the very first HAWPs, every ep Ash is in (esp the monologue ones like dark knight & bioshock) I look at Ashs’ face and try to figure out a) is she really a good actress and she makes the piece believable, or b) she is sociopathic and really believes what she is saying which is how she can play those parts so well. I have to admit, I hadn’t looked at her face when she was screaming about feminism. I had to watch the video several times before I could remember to look up during that section.

  2. Kip says:

    To Rawkeye’s first point…
    I shall now rewatch this episode…

  3. Ben says:

    lol.. that was awesomely done :D Looks like a horrible game ;)

    • sarain says:

      i think you missed the point. they actually do like at least some parts of the game, though i cant remember which now. then again im probally just making shit up now and dont realise it. but anyhow the point isnt that the game is bad, so much as its annoyng that yorda is usless.

  4. Malcolm Jamal Warner says:

    isnt this just everything you said in the podcast

  5. King Poopsmith says:

    This was an incredibly amusing episode. Originally the “ra ra feminism ra” description scared the shit out of me…largely because I already do srs bns conversational stuff on that shit and I didn’t want that shit and HAWP to cross universes and cause the sort of shit that creates netherrealm gates to open and suck people into strange alternative universes where alchemy exists and Uwe Boll makes great video game adaptations.

    But nope. Simple in message…while delightfully insane. Good match.

  6. dsgfkjh says:

    i’ll admit that i haven’t played ico all the way through, but to be honest, i don’t really see the problem re: feminism. having a female character be weak doesn’t necessarily mean it’s anti-feminist, and as far as i know, ico isn’t trying to say YES YES ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THIS. also, i think it’s unfair to hold all female characters up as representatives for their gender.

    that said, the dialogue was very snappy and funny.

  7. Steve says:

    Maybe the reason Yorda is a worthless bitch is not because she’s a woman, but because she’s a weird spirit thing, maybe weird spirit boys are pansies too. Just a thought, but I still get your point and enjoyed the episode.

  8. Reruns says:

    Isn’t Yorda supposed to be blind?

    I guess getting her a stick would help that too, huh.

    • AberrantWolf says:

      I’m pretty sure yes, Yorda is supposed to be blind.

      And getting a stick would help that, yes, but the kid grabbed the only stick there was! So you have to make a choice: would you rather Yorda be less helpLESS, or you be at all helpFUL? Well, maybe you don’t have to make the choice. The game designers looked at their one-stick world and decided there wasn’t much game in the other way. :P

      Srlsly, though, it’s a knight-in-shining-armor thing. They just found a more interactive way to tell it. Blame every woman who ever wanted a man to be useful to her, and every man who ever wanted to be helpful to a woman for this, not just Ueda.

      ALL MEN SHOULD HELP ONLY EACH OTHER! ALL WOMEN SHOULD BE SELF SUFFICIENT! Ignore the fact that this leads to the end of the human race in a couple generations. ;P

      (PS: I’m totally just arguing the other side for the hell of it. I am the Devil’s Advocate.)

  9. Dave says:

    I’m not for Sexism or anything, but, I love a good feminist joke.
    Which is why I thought this episode was epically hilarious.

  10. Jonas Håkansson says:

    As a feminist myself, I’m seriously really uncomfortable with the all the sexism in my hobbies. I love comic books, sci-fi and video-games, but I can’t deny that enjoying these things often means that I have to close my eyes to blatant sexism. And the worst part is that I think that science fiction has a greater potential than much fiction to make a serious point about feminism and gender.

    I could find counter examples, there are the furniture girls in Soylent Green, and even if I wouldn’t call it feminism (not by a long shot) Wonder Woman, Metroid, and so on, at least invites to a discussion about the issue, and there are of course more examples. So, yeah, gaming, sci-fi and comic books surely aren’t areas totally void of feminism, but they are largely boys clubs, which makes me sad.

    I’d love to hear a special episode of the HAWPcast entirely about looking at gaming and sci-fi with feminism, gender, and queer theory in mind (I haven’t listened to the latest episode, so this could be my lucky day…).

    Anyway, I love the show and the podcast! Take care!

  11. Zoeker says:

    I haven’t played Ico…. yet, but is it possible we’re just overreacting? Maybe it’s not supposed to be “WOMEN ARE USELESS” as much as it is “THIS GIRL NEEDS HELP”. Also, I just breezed the Wiki page and it said, “Lead developer Fumito Ueda came up with the concept for Ico in 1997, envisioning a “boy meets girl” story where the two main characters would hold hands during their adventure, forming a bond between them without communication.” It would be hard to pull off a story with two people holding hands that didn’t have one of the characters literally needing their hand held throughout… unless maybe a wacky sitcom handcuff situation.

  12. Thomas says:

    There is so much love for Ico and most of it is well deserved.

    It’s this great emotional experience built around the longest and most frustrating escort mission ever. So good on the game creator for taking one of the most hated mission structure and making us actually want to finish your damn game.

    Bigger props to HAWP for calling out the slanted view on feminism.

    Biggest props to Papa Burch.

  13. Mr_Day says:

    Hmm. A couple of things.

    I have found no official word at all that Yorda is blind, and playing the game she certainly doesn’t act as if she is blind. She navigates objects, stops before a ledge, looks at objects, she even chases birds. During the ending she looks for Ico, she doesn’t fumble around for him. Though, admittedly, she is a bit special at this point.

    Shadow of the Colossus: I think implying SoTC is sexist is a bit of a cheek. The person you are trying to help is not helpless because they are female. They are helpless because they are dead. It could have been a male character or even the sodding horse and it wouldn’t have made much difference to the relationship (fanfiction aside). Wander is begging a deific entity to undo a terrible loss, something anyone who has lost someone dear to them can empathise with regardless of the genders involved. Her past is that she was sacrificed because she was believed to have a cursed destiny – a fate not dissimilar to what happened to Ico in the first game, she isn’t really singled out. If anything, she is a McGuffin, it could have been anyone, the relationship between her and Wander is never expanded on.

    This has been a bit long and dull.

    • Mr_Day says:

      Er, the blind bit is aimed at those who claim her blindness is the cause of her inaction, the Shadow bit is aimed at the episode.

      The pointing and laughing is aimed at me, for I fail.

  14. Alejandra says:

    I just realized you were reading Red Harvest in the background. Nice.

    Also as always Hey Ash is awesome.

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