Just so you know: we’re not on YouTube.

Some clarification: I know there are more than a few people on YouTube implicitly or explicitly pretending to be the official HAWP channel (this guy was most recently brought to my attention). Those people ain’t us.

We are not on YouTube. I’ve got a YouTube channel with some doofy uploads and Rev Rants, but there is no official HAWP YouTube channel or anything like that. These guys are essentially ripping our videos from GameTrailers and posting them to YouTube — why, I dunno. That’s fine, though; while we receive no financial benefit for any non-GameTrailers.com traffic, at least more people are seeing our stuff, and that’s cool.

I would prefer it if these dudes linked to our official GameTrailers page (most of the traffic from our Reddit AMA thread probably went everywhere but GameTrailers), but I’m not gonna email YouTube and get these accounts shut down or anything. More eyes is more eyes.

I just thought I should clarify that we are not any of those dudes on YouTube, just in case one day one of them flips out and posts some sort of epic racist tirade or something.

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39 Responses to “Just so you know: we’re not on YouTube.”

  1. Sonic9jct says:

    Glad to see you guys are actually being pretty cool about this. That, or you’re just trying your best not to anger the God Train by bitching about more people getting to see your work.

  2. Wait, so you guys aren’t rapists? WHAT THE FUCK. I can’t even watch this show anymore cause you guys aren’t rapists.

  3. Tomas Z. says:

    I commend your rational response to the situation. I await the release of your second DVD more than hobos want to be able to live off of their own tears of regret and alcohol.

  4. Chris says:

    Mmmm… Youtube is how I found ya’ll, and now I’m a devoted follower. I’m glad your videos were over there otherwise I would have never seen the awe inspiring liquid insanity in moving picture and sound form that you offer. You sure it’s not you, and you’re just saying this now because your legal agreement with gametrailers prevents you from posting on other sites but you’re doing it anyway, unofficially, because the load times, ads, browsability and overall website experience of gametrailers is sub-par to that of high-level, web 2.0 video sharing sites such as Youtube? Dontworryiwonttell.

  5. Mudron says:

    So what you’re saying is that the videos that you and your wife Ashleigh make are being pirated by your sister David Ashley who founded a rape convention for the guy who made Duke Nukem?

  6. waldfield says:

    It’s true, the youtube channels are actually a good thing. Like many (if not most?) people, I found out about your videos in the first place BECAUSE of youtube. Which eventually led me to check out the rest on gametrailers (and yes, buy your s1 dvd).

  7. ToBo says:

    Wait, isn’t http://www.youtube.com/user/DTOID the official Destructoid account? They have a lot of HAWP videos there.

  8. Matt B says:

    Maybe this is a sign that it would be a good idea for you guys to be on youtube? There’s obviously a bit of a demand there.

    As for financials, Youtube allows for displaying ads in your videos, possibly even video ads before the video starts…

    • Ben says:

      I second this opinion.. I hardly ever go to gametrailers, I’m a youtube addict and I’m actually happy that someone is posting your videos on youtube, because I can just subscribe to them and watch it when they come out. I would subscribe to you guys if you were on youtube (and honestly you might make some buck being on youtube and have a lot of subscribers and views).

      If I’m not mistaken, you probably signed a contract with gametrailers so you can’t post on youtube.. I wouldn’t renew that ;)

  9. BobTheInsane says:

    The only bad things about people uploading your videos to youtube is it allows youtube to use your material to make money in anyway they see fit and not give you a penny.

    (That’s why Ze Frank doesn’t play ball with youtube and messages personally (apparently) most people who upload his stuff and politely asks them to take it down before even involving youtube)

    That outcome would kinda be unfair considering how HAWP rocks the socks.

    I wouldn’t worry about the GameTrailers link too much though; A Google hit or two and you’ll end up here and then from here, you’re out of the circle of YouTube. But then maybe I’m over-estimating the net-savviness of an audience of people who would be laughing their ass off at video-game parody… no?

    But, as you say, you weren’t making money through this anyway; 10 dollars you never had is 10 dollars you still don’t have, while more eyes is more eyes.

    I’d better go buy the DVDs.

  10. Caster says:

    Why not include links to http://www.heyash.com and the official GameTrailer URLs in the (future) videos?

  11. Ralphomon says:

    Have you heard my new band, Epic Racist Tirade?

    • Zix says:

      Yeah, I’ve heard them. Aren’t they going up against The Occasional Rapist in the Battle of the Bands?

      • Ralphomon says:

        Yeah, though I’ve heard really good things about Turbo Jelly and the Why Dicks, so they probably don’t stand a chance

    • Johan says:

      I downloaded your album illegaly on piratebay.

      • Ralphomon says:

        That’s our new distribution method. We’re like Radiohead, only WAAAY more hardcore. You can ONLY illegally torrent it from The Pirate Bay.

  12. mwayne says:

    Sooo I don’t know if everyone knows but if you are a member of gametrailers almost all the content can be downloaded in multiple formats(qt, wmv, mov..) There is no ripping involved. But I noticed not gt tv stuff or penny arcade stuff can be downloaded (unless you rip it via firefox add ons and stuff)

    I enjoy downloading the HAWP videos and I have all of them downloaded. I do this so I can skip the load times, ads, and watch them full screen on the tv with the playstion 3 or on the go via ipad.

    But I go to gametrailers/heyash.com all the time so I don’t think anyone is losing out on traffic. I also buy the dvds (not really but will when I get the cash.)

    In the end you can’t fight the movement. Where there is a sea there are pirates.

    p.s. still waiting on that art book from Once Upon a Pixel to be made so I can give you my cash (did this come out already?)

  13. MattC says:

    I found you all on Youtube, then went to Gametrailers and watched all your videos there because they are in chronological order. So, that happened.

  14. Kane says:

    You guys should release an episode of HAWP about how your not on YouTube and to go visit the gametrailers just to see if the YouTube immitaters would upload it.

    • mwayne says:

      that would be funny and have papa b. be the one saying all these things and posting the vids on youtube.

  15. MurkySeabass says:

    Need more HAWPcasts. Listening to your discussions is the highlight of my working hours and social-life, unfortunately.

  16. Trendy says:

    This is weird, but last night I dreamed that you died. The site just had a brief notice about it, saying that there would never be any more HAWP. Davis’s profile became very gloomy and referred to you as her dead husband.

    I woke up totally bummed out.

  17. nessy says:

    one of the things I like about you guys is how you never lose your cool
    if we lived in some sort of monarchy or oligarchy I think I’d be ok with it if you guys were in charge

  18. Mr_Day says:

    Random thought:

    Guys on youtube claiming to be Anthony are, in fact, Anthony. Sent back from the future to increase awareness of HAWP otherwise his gaming career might die.

    Come with me if you want to write fan fiction. Or, you know, something like that.

  19. Trevor says:

    For whats it worth. I heard about you guys through running upon a video somebody posted. So I can see benefits in it.

  20. Asha says:

    Having your media product stolen is kind of a double edged sword. I only know about HAWP because of people taking it and putting up on youtube. It happens a lot for tv shows and bands.

  21. Amber Reese says:

    I agree. So glad that I found this site on Yahoo :) I’m going to add it to my favorites now.

    - Amber

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