Keepin’ It Real With: Andy Schatz


Today we talked with Andy Schatz, co-creator of Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine (which is very very good).

Things were nice and amiable until he dropped the bomb that he hates Ocean’s Eleven.

We were like, “what.”


Anyway, you can listen to the conversation here.

EDIT: The audio wasn’t working earlier, but it is now. My bad.

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2 Responses to “Keepin’ It Real With: Andy Schatz”

  1. LOLberg says:

    I really, REALLY enjoy theese real-keeping-casts. Thanks for making them, and obligatory, pestering cry for you to make more.

  2. Hex5 says:

    LOLberg is absolutely right! Nothing more relaxing than playing a little Minecraft or Day Z with you guys having interresting conversation in the background.

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