Mission accomplished


Special thanks to Corwyn Johnson for taking the picture, and Jon St. John for getting raped.

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40 Responses to “Mission accomplished”

  1. Mikey says:

    Go ooooooon.

  2. DeadpoolSkye says:


  3. Patrick H says:


  4. Cena says:

    …I don’t understand.

    I don’t think it works like that, Ash. I think it works differently.

  5. desfunk says:

    OMG! I never managed to see him around all Magfest. Staying at the table, i ended up missing out on alot of things.

    I was lucky enough to catch you guys as you were walking by, or else i would have missed you too! Thanks again for signing the artwork i’ve done for you guys! And it was a pleasure meeting you guys (even though i was like SUPER nervous, and don’t even REMEMBER what i said).

  6. Bill Zoeker says:


  7. bobaloo says:

    WHY IS THIS MAN POOPING ON ASH?! Oh, she’s butt-raping him? Carry on then.

  8. Jason says:

    Clearly Ash has balls balls balls of steel

  9. wohdin says:


    ughhhhhhhhhh god I would have given anything to go to magfestttttt

    and I live in an adjacent state

    fml for being a broke college student OTL

  10. cotton rhetoric says:

    This photo is the greatest thing that will ever come out of magfest 8D

  11. William says:

    Lol when Ash says she will do something you better believe that she will accomplish it. I can’t wait to hear the explanation for this one on the hawpcast!

  12. GreatSG says:

    Oh, if only I could have witnessed this in person!

    I did at least get to meet John St. John this weekend at the con; caught him as he was leaving from doing autographs and he was nice enough to sit back down to sign a picture for myself and a friend.

    Also Anthony, I was the guy who caught you as you were entering the stairwell as I was exiting it late Saturday night and quickly introduced myself and ran off. Sorry if that was off-putting and fast, as I was in a rush to get a key to my room that I left downstairs. XD

    Hope all of you return as guests next year!

  13. eh says:

    funny, but i kind of :/ every time you guys make rape jokes.

    • Kris says:

      There’s nothing wrong with rape jokes unless you’ve been affected by it personally, selfish!

        • Patrick H says:

          Would you prefer more abortion jokes then?

          • Jake says:

            That article has some really flawed logic.
            It responds to a joke about a guy getting raped, and says that rape jokes are ‘misogynistic’ and that women reading it might be offended.
            As if male rape survivors don’t exist.
            And although I do realise that some people find rape the absolute worst subject to joke about (My friend Paddy had his drink spiked, the etc. happened,) making a subject taboo puts it on a pedestal, and makes it even more hurtful and surprising when someone does make a joke about it.

          • eh says:

            that’s not really comparable.

            yes, abortion jokes are tasteless and frequently misogynist (though i didn’t get a misogynist vibe from HAWP’s abortion episode), but abortion is also a sorely taboo, not-talked-about matter of giving rights to women. it’s an extremely hard choice for women to make, but it is still not a crime, and it deserves more attention and normalization. rape is unquestionably about exerting power over the victim and putting them “in their place,” and the fact that the majority of the victims are female is not a coincidence, but a result of society being consistently misogynistic and viewing women as less than human. rape culture is disgustingly real, and it’s the reason why rapists are rarely put in jail, and why victims are afraid to report it, and why victims are told they’re making it up or that they’re to blame for their own rape (ever heard people tell women to never wear anything revealing/never go anywhere alone/never get drunk at a party/etc etc etc), and why people think there’s only a “certain kind” of rapist and a “certain kind” of victim and a “certain kind” of rape and are STILL insistent on finding the “gray areas,” and why people use “rape” to describe anything but actual rape (“my house really got raped by that storm”) and why people think rape jokes are totally hilarious.

            even without rape culture (which i barely even touched on at all; i’d highly recommend googling it), there’s still the fact that rape jokes are frequently triggering for rape victims. i don’t see why it’s so worth it to make light of rape when it’s a putrid crime that’s hardly taken seriously and sends survivors of it into panic attacks.

          • eh says:

            @Jake – nobody said male survivors don’t exist–in fact, the article pointed out that both men and women have been victims of it. the reason people primarily talk about female survivors is because women are primarily raped, similar to how people usually describe a rapist as male even though there is such a thing as a female rapist too. this isn’t to say that we should ignore male survivors or female rapists (i have seen more than enough vile comments directed towards male victims as well as people not taking female rapists seriously), but that is (one of) the reason(s) why people default.

            furthermore, rape is already taboo, but not in the way you may be thinking. victims of rape are made to feel like they should be “ashamed” for being raped, and rapists are backed up with a thousand excuses for why it wasn’t rape, and about a trillion other things that otherwise make the victim too afraid to tell anyone or brushed off when they DO tell someone. when it comes to things like rape jokes, however, the naysayers are almost always regarded with scorn. i can’t say i’m surprised to be getting several negative responses to what started off as a brief, nervous comment that rape jokes aren’t cool.

            plus, the reason why rape jokes are “hurtful and surprising” for victims is because many, if not most, suffer from PTSD. not because it’s “placed on a pedestal.”

  14. Hairy says:

    The facial expressions are priceless.

  15. Kris says:

    Man, that’s a heavy lookin’ bone! Right up to the base!

  16. bryce says:

    AWESOMECAKE and since noone has said it yet

  17. pete says:

    I find this funny because I’m not a rape victim. Ah, the advantages of male privilege.

  18. Dillon says:

    Will you sexellent individuals be attending comic-con 2010?

  19. AnswerMan says:

    rape, not funny.

    rape jokes, funny.

    • Kris says:

      Why did the woman cross the road…?

      Because she’d been raped and needed a back alley abortion.

  20. thegirlnamedtex says:

    your my favorite

  21. John says:

    I was at MAGFest and attended your Q&A panel…it was awesome. You were all very genuine and funny, and kept everyone entertained while answering their questions. Big props goes to the guy who brought Ash cookies and then lined them up like in the Yoshi’s Cookie episode. If you guys come back again next year, I vote to make bringing you all food a new MAGFest tradition.

    It was also cool of ya’ll to hang out in the hallways to sign autographs and have pictures taken after the panel ended. Ya’ll seemed so happy to be meeting your fans, it was really cool when I got my autographs. Come back again next year!

  22. Kevin says:


  23. Robert says:

    *sigh* I Envy that man

  24. BALLS OF STEEL says:

    lol i’d love to hear the introduction leading to this:

    “hey you dont know me, but i did a promo for this a while ago and.. nevermind, do you mind if i rape you and take a pic real quick?”



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