Things I plan on doing, #292:


Kicking open the door to the bathroom while Ashley Davis is on the toilet with this song queued up to 00:25 and blaring at full blast behind me, before shouting “IT’S TIME TO FIND ADVENTURE” and continuing to stare at her, silent and frozen in adventurous pose, until she finishes her business.

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27 Responses to “Things I plan on doing, #292:”

  1. thinkbubble Drems says:

    this would be the most perfect way to open a season of Dr Who.

  2. Mr_Day says:

    Swiftly followed by #293:

    Planning your escape from the institution you find yourself in. But the walls are made of bouncy stuff, so it isn’t all bad.

  3. Z80 says:

    Seems like Anthony has decided that he isn’t comfortable with this marriage and wants to make Ashley Davis divorce him.

    Either that or this is the weirdest relationship ever.

    I guess it could be both.

  4. Johen says:

    The only appropriate response she could have to that is ‘EXTERMINATE!’

  5. This seems like a valuable part of every marriage, or relationship, or social gathering…or public restroom with strangers.

  6. Joe White says:

    This is a thing that must happen!!…!

  7. Spencer says:

    This is why Anthony is my favorite person ever.

  8. Daret says:

    Not to over-think this, but the effectiveness and actions could be based on the “type of business.”

    Example, say it’s that time of month…


    or she’s has a little tummy-ache…


    or something like that…

    • Young 16 Year Old Canadian says:

      But if she is doing accounting


      “IT’S TIME TO FIND ADVENTURE!” + ((pause)) + “Goddamn it Ashley! You’re so goddamn boring.”

  9. Ben says:

    Pretty sure that’s legitimate grounds for divorce. Just sayin’.

  10. You do realize you’d be doing that to the wrong Ash, right? A psychologist would probably throw a fancy word like “projecting” or something like that.

    Please don’t take this like I’m suggesting you might *need* a psychologist, or that maybe you should be *sectioned*, or at the very least *heavily medicated*. I’m just saying.

  11. Zoeker says:

    Personal space is for suckas! Beli’ dat!

  12. Zoeker says:

    All true adventures begin from the toilet.

  13. Zoeker says:

    Are you the first man to have an epic soundtrack to your watching a woman pee?

  14. Joelwb says:

    I need to do this to my partner…
    She would be honoured by the awesome!

    When I run for the bus to work in the morning, I sometimes sing this in my head!

  15. boosh! says:

    I read the whole post thinking Ashley BURCH and not Ashley DAVIS and thought that this was the weirdest thing ever. I think that Ashley Burch would just stare back, finishing up without looking at the toilet paper, and winning the stare-off.

  16. AzNheadbanger says:

    The only proper response from Mrs. Blavis would be to jump up after and yell “allons-y.”

  17. Karasu-sama says:

    I agree with some of the above posters that you would probably get a better result with Ashley B, the First. I mean I’m not saying it’ll be all that pleasant, but it DOES seem a natural extension of that incident you mentioned in the HAWPcast, wherein you slapped Ash in the face and retroactively justified it by pretending to be Zorg from Fifth Element.

  18. Scotty says:

    Link is broke. What song was it, so I can find it?

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