Season Four

Taken To School (S4 Finale Pt. 2)

Oh, it’s on.

Unfinished Business (S4 Finale Pt. 1)

Ash recieves a lucrative proposition.


A mystery is afoot and P.I. Ash Burch is on the case.


Ash leaves Anthony shaken and/or stirred.

Sexy Booth Babes

Ash and Davis show off some epic sweet-talk skills on the floor of E3 2013. Face it, you’ll never be this good at talking to hot girls.

Dear Esther

Ash looks into the abyss, and the abyss gets her drunk.

Escape Goat

In which Ash avenges a virtual rat.

Borderlands 2

An alternately egomaniacal and self-deprecating look into the scriptwriting process of Borderlands 2.

Girl Games

Defeated by the burden of being a girl, Ash tries her hand at some authentic girl games.


Anthony battles writers’ block (and Ashly’s Earthbound shenanigans), forcing him to look to his progenitor for help.

Doctor Who

Ash reveals Anthony’s Timelord nature after discovering that microtransactions are bigger on the inside.

Civ V

Ash makes a penetrating power play for World Leader in Civ 5.

Tomb Raider

Ash busts the myth that personality is what makes a well-rounded female character.

Indiana Jones

Anthony educates Ashly on the inspiration for the Tomb Raider and Uncharted series, but the lesson plan takes a horrible turn.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Activision CEO, Ashly Kotick, isn’t satisfied unless Black Ops II drops some Shock and Awe on the industry.


Arkham’s criminals don’t stand a chance against the world’s greatest detective, Ashly Burch.

Diablo III

The fam confronts Anthony about his addiction to Diablo III.

Saints Row: The Third

Sandbox fun for the whole family that may just be too much for Ash to handle in this special episode debuted at the GT Film Festival Panel at PAX Prime 2012!

Dance Central 2

Something’s different about Ash’s favorite Dance Central character.


Game of Thrones

Ash and Anthony explore the challenge of staying faithful to a franchise while still making a game fun to play.

Quantum Conundrum

Not even your happy place is safe when Ash gets control of dimensions.

Driver: San Francisco

The power to Shift could not have landed in more dangerous hands

E3 2012: Butt Awards

Ash and Anthony break down what was butt and what was not butt at E3 2012 in this episode of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’?

E3 2012: Jesus Christ 64

Have you found Jesus? Have you at least played his video game?

Live from 3COM

Papa Burch hits the floor armed with some hard-hitting questions.

Hot Slutz

Now with more cleavage than ever before…

Dinner Metaphors

Ash cooks up a handful of delicious metaphors for today’s modern sandbox games with a little help from Davis!


Ash displays some mad skills that would make the Nine Divines proud.

Best Games of 2011

Anthony attempts to compete with an unexpected amount of flawless logic from Ash as the duo nominate the best games of 2011!

Rayman Origins

Can the happiest and most fun-filled Rayman game possibly have healing powers?

Season Three

A Death in the Family: Pt. II

Can Ash save her brother and herself from the ultimate betrayal of Papa Burch? Find out in the Season 3 finale!

A Death in the Family: Part 1

Anthony and Ash are attacked by the Foot Clan as the season’s villain is revealed!

Scott Pilgrim

Ash and Davis sit down for a nice heart-to-heart about wife-beating.


Ash schools us on the real art of comedy in video games.

Mischief Makers

Ash gains a little more than she bargained for from this plat-uzzler plazz-former.

Davis Helps Out

Davis steps in to help as the siblings experience writers’ block.


The horror… the horror.

Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice

The Halloween season begins as Ash pulls the fam together for some Left 4 Dead style sacrificing.

Fallout: New Vegas

Should permanent death be included in all games? Ashe puts this idea to the test.

Lord of the Rings

A helpless Anthony suffers through character selection in Lord of the Rings.

Gearbox Software Part IV

So, how’d you like the ending of Borderlands?


Anthony knows how to balance the teams. Dad knows how to take out the trash.


Anthony asks for Ash’s expert help to craft the best mine ever! Will he ever learn?

The New Gamer Dictionary, Part 2

Time for another round of new gaming definitions!

Cooking Mama

Ash and Anthony learn to cook with Mom!

Gearbox Software Pt. III

Where’s Duke? Ash uses her feminine charms to find the king.


Dad never told the kids about the time he met Christopher Lloyd–now with bloopers!

E3 2011: Part Three

In which GameTrailers regrets hiring us.

E3 2011: Part Two

With Super Amazo Special Guests. Two of them.

E3 2011: Part One

It’s about booth babes.

Ash at Gearbox (part 2)

Games aren’t made by just one person. Except for games Brent works on.


Welcome to Ash’s theme park.

Red Dead Redemption

You gotta know when to fold ‘em.

Ash at Gearbox (part 1)

Anthony brings Ash into the offices of Gearbox Software. What could go wrong?

Red Faction Guerilla

Ash, Anthony and Dad consider the merits of guerrilla warfare.


If Ash were stuck in a dark forest, would you save her?

Harvest Moon 64

So many babes, so little time.

Best Characters of 2010

In the words of Geoff Keighly: “frightful fappucino.”

World of Warcraft

Ash questions Anthony’s marital relationship.

Season Two

Adventure Games Pt. 2

The second season of HAWP ends with a pixelated bang.

Adventure Games Part I

The season finale begins. What would Guybrush do?

Monkey Island

It’s Dad’s party and he’ll play what he wants to.

Rhythm Heaven

Ash drops an infectious beat with explosive consequences.

Mass Effect 2

Ash doesn’t take well to psychology and Papa Burch has his own priorities.


Ash celebrates Fumito Ueda’s contributions to feminism.

Gears of War

Anthony describes creative new uses for Imulsion in his Gears of War fan fiction.

Fable II

Dad finishes Fable II in his own special way.

Far Cry 2

Ash has her own reasons for liking Far Cry 2.

The Sims


The Ballad of Bullet Bill

What dark, crass thoughts dwell in the twisted mind of a Bullet Bill obsessed with one infamous plumber?

Mother’s Day

Ash’s mom gets in on the action.

Sleep is Death

Ash ruins an artgame.

Puzzle Quest

Ash exploits Anthony’s visual handicap.

1 vs 100

Ash faces a truly impossible question.

Heavy Rain

Papa Burch plays the future of interactive storytelling.


Ash dives into your brain!

Rock Band

These days, anyone can start a band.

Shadow Complex

Ash struggles with an artist’s homophobia while considering the purchase of Shadow Complex.

The Most Dangerous Game

Gotta catch ‘em all.

Overlooked Games of 2009

Spend your time in 2010 living in the past with the best overlooked games from 2009!


Casual gaming has grave consequences.

Left 4 Dead 2

The ballad of the Boomer

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Enough mind-bending similarities to detonate your dome?

Penny Arcade Expo 2009

Ash pitches her movie idea.

Scene It?

The Burches enter the sordid world of DVD board games.

Little King’s Story

Anthony and Ashly Burch enjoy videogames, surreal humor, cupcakes, and videogames. In that order.

Viva Pinata

Fathers can game too!

Season One

The Sons of Big Boss

Can epic music make up for spectacularly bad martial artistry? Your call.

Metal Gear Solid 4

The end begins.

Like Big Boss

Dear God, we hope this still feels relevant.

Once Upon a Pixel

Who says fairy tales can’t include walking nuclear tanks?

Trauma Center

Video gamer, heal thyself.

Katamari Damacy

Sometimes life isn’t funny.


Some songs we need not sing.

Street Fighter IV

Ash and Anthony pay homage to the king of all fighting games.

The New Gamer Dictionary

Like Webster’s, but with more references to Metal Gear.

Yoshi’s Cookie

Ash stuffs her face in a spoof on this classic video game.

30 Seconds of Screaming

Never accuse Ash of false advertising.

Of Sexism

A flashback reveals Ash’s machinations.

Geometry Wars 2

Ash brings two young lovers together.

Left 4 Dead Part 2

Ash shows off her strategic mind.

Animal Crossing

No resetting.

Persona 3

A nation mourns.

2008 in Review

Ash and Anthony discuss how last year measured up to the year before it.

The HAWP Before Christmas

Why aren’t there any games about the holidays?

Fan Service, of a Sort

What hath Ash wrought?

I Love Videogames

Ash lists the things she’s thankful for.

Left 4 Dead

Ash and Anthony are going to have to cooperate.

A Brother in Need

For once, Ash decides to be helpful.

Text Adventures

Ash is in a maze of twisting passages, all alike.

Guitar Hero

Ashly activates star power.


For neither the first nor last time, Anthony has no idea what the hell Ash is doing.

Team Fortress 2

There’s a spy sappin’ Ash’s sentry.


Ashly uses tactics learned from Jon Blow’s Braid to correct a horrible mistake.

Dark Knight

Ashly is frustrated that a Dark Knight tie-in game has not yet been released.

E3 2008

Anthony is at E3, and Ashly is bored.

Final Fight

The horror…

Smash Bros.

Ashly Burch is the worst Super Smash Bros Brawl teammate in history.

Prof. Layton

Ashly and her brother embark on a Professor Layton and the Curious Village-themed adventure.

Father’s Day

A (at the time, and possibly now) late Father’s Day message from Anthony and Ashly.


A teenage girl reenacts the climactic scene from BioShock, to her brother’s chagrin.


Based on a true story, and thus significantly less zany than the other episodes.


Ash plays through Treasure’s greatest shooter, as Anthony begins to loathe it.